Friday, February 18, 2011

Do What Is Right For You: A LeBron James Lesson

LeBron James continuous to take a tremendous amount of heat for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for Miami. After he left the Cavaliers, they too have taken tremendous beatings as well, from opposing teams.  And James has nearly single-handedly turned the Heat into a serious title contender.  Before he joined the team, the players badly needed help to get back to the championship level.
Still James has been called by sportscasters and writers "the most hated athlete in American sports."  Why?  When he left the Cavaliers many felt he betrayed the team for spoils, and that he is a "sell-out."
“Fans are passionate,” James said. “They believe that you should live your life and your career through them, and when you don’t do that, they automatically turn. I know that personally.”
I am not going to pass judgement on whether LeBron should have stayed with the Cavaliers.  However, I do want to say this.  You cannot make life decisions based on what others want you to do.  Could you honestly say you would stay on a job and pass up a more lucrative career because others felt you should? 
Life is too short to live for others, even fans.  And, if you are a basketball player, you know that life on the court is one of the shortest careers you could possibly have.
So whether you believe that James should have stayed, or gone on to Miami like he did, remember in your own life, live for what you feel is best for you, not others.

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