Friday, January 7, 2011


If you want to know what helped Miami University RedHawks run past Middle Tennessee 35-21 in the Bowl , check out the speech by interim head coach Lance Guidry.
There are a lot of great motivational messages out there but Guidry definitely fired up the players to capture a win.  On top of that, the MVP for the Bowl was their quarterback Austin Boucher.
The striking part of the speech was his enthusiasm and energy which when applied to anything in life, can help you win.  
Allow yourself to get excited about your goals, and act as if your goal has already become a reality.  Maintain that excitement through-out the course of each day.  Enthusiasm and a positive attitude feed off each other.  If you are enthusiastic, you will look at things in a positive light.  If you have a positive attitude, you will find yourself enthusiastic.

Watch Lance Guidry's enthusiastic Bowl pregame speech.

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