Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trevor Hoffman-" I Gave 100 Percent"

Pitcher Trevor Hoffman, baseball's all-time saves leader, has decided to retire at age 43.  
Hoffman told the Associated Press, "What I'll take away from it (playing baseball) is I have no regrets. I went at the game 100% and didn't leave myself with any questions.  I got the most our of what I was given."
Can you say that for your life?  Have you been living your full potential?  If you haven't, start now.  Start today.  
Giving your full potential is living life fully.  This goes for giving yourself fully to your loved ones, as well as your job or career. 
Many of us lose the very ones we love because we have not fully been present for the significant other in our life. How many people find themselves divorced because they weren't aware that their spouse was unhappy? 
Or, maybe you wonder why you have been passed over for a promotion.  Often because we don't like a job, we give only half of ourselves.  Beware, others are watching and hearing that you are not doing your best, even our friends.
So, when you network to get a better job, your friends and co-workers who may know of a great opportunity for you, won't tell you, or recommend you.  They are not putting themselves on the line for you because they know you have been "half-stepping."
Give fully to whatever task is before you, and don't forget.  That applies to your loved ones too.

See Hoffman's retirement announcement:

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