Friday, January 7, 2011

NFL Hall of Famer Committed On and Off the Field

The legendary All American Running Back, Jim Brown made his television debut at the At&t Cotton Bowl Classic in 1957.  He was named the game's outstanding offensive player.
Today, watching him perform the coin toss for the LSU and Texas A&M game at the Cotton Bowl 54 years later, I remembered going to his home in Los Angeles once attending one of his meetings for gang members through his program Amer-I-Can.  I wanted to get involved to support the wonderful work he was doing getting young men out of gangs, and showing them a better way of life.  The Amer-I-Can Program helps participants develop their attitude from one of self-doubt to self determination to become productive citizens in society.  
Brown could have easily rested on his laurels, and just donated to organizations, but I was so impressed seeing how he opened up his home to gang members.  How many people would do that?  I was touched seeing the ultimate respect these gang members had for Brown.  He has such a strong commitment to helping these young men, and gives his whole self.  This is why his program is successful. Brown is committed just like he was in the field of sports. 
It's one thing for celebrities to support organizations through financial donations and the use of their name, but my hat is off to Brown and any other celebrity who actually rolls up their sleeves, spends time in the organization to help others. 

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Watch NFL hall of Fame Running Back, Jim Brown talk about the differences in today's NFL game.

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