Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stick With the Plan

Florida State Upsets Duke, 66-61
When you face a tough challenge, it's tempting to keep changing the plans you made to tackle the situation, especially if it appears you are not going forward.  It makes sense to try other methods when you are failing.  However, many of us don't believe in our original plan, and this causes us to spin off in other directions.  It takes courage to have patience and believe that your plan will work through the challenge. Most give in to panic and fear.
Those who can keep the faith, and stick to the plan in the face of adversity are often winners. Florida State proved this when they ended Duke's 25-game winning streak.  Florida State 66, Duke 61.
"Our guys stuck with our game plan" Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton said.  "They maintained their poise.  We hit the big free throws down the stretch.  I hope they understand now exactly the way they have to play in order to be successful."

Florida State Upsets Duke:

Watch fans storm the court:

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